Individual Post Project Assessment (IPPA)

Someone having a review session with their supervisorAs part of the ongoing development in my own project methodology (small-PM), one issue kept coming up – which was how to document and disseminate information on the individual performance of team members associated with our projects.

Good or bad, I borrowed a few lessons from the old Performance Evaluation Reviews (PER) from my time in the military, and adapted the concept for use in project environments.  The result was this Individual Post Project Assessment (IPPA) form you see here (at the end of the article).

ippaWhile a few organizations had some form of annual assessment, people assigned to individual projects were often “outside” of the normal review process – and there needed to be a way to put input into their annual assessment, and the IPPA proved to be an effective means to get a broad, comprehensive snapshot of the individual’s performance.

For those organizations without formal annual assessments, we just used multiple IPPAs for each engagement throughout the year – and as a result, we were able to fill their HR file with meaningful information.

Since its development, I’ve actually had a lot of success using this form – and although it may undergo some more revisions with the upcoming release of small-PM 3.0 this spring, I thought I would re-release the form here… and invite you to use it and provide whatever feedback you can.

In addition to the form, I’ve also attached some real examples (with names and details removed of course) so you can get a better feel of how the scores and text need to support each other.

I’ll be posting the other tools, templates and forms from small-PM on the site in the weeks that follow – as we lead up to the official release of small-PM version 3.0 this spring.

Please send your feedback directly to me, or via comments to this article.  Good luck!

Word Template: DK2473_IPPA_version_11

ippa_SAMPLE_1 (PDF)

ippa SAMPLE 2 (PDF)

ippa_SAMPLE_3 (PDF)


Author: Stephen Holton, PMP, CISSP, SSGB, ITIL, CD

After completing over twelve years service in the Canadian Armed Forces, Stephen moved to private industry where he was employed as a Director of Information Technology, Director of Operations and CIO for a number of private sector companies before finally electing to become an independent consultant in 2000. Since then he’s served as a management consultant, project/program manager and business analyst/solution architect in a number of industries and organizations - including a big-5 consulting firm. These industries and organizations have included the airline, railway, telecommunications and banking industries, the Canadian and US Governments, as well as mandates in Brazil and Bermuda. Presently Steve lives in Ottawa, Canada.

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