FAX and e-mail integration… convergence for the small business

“Convergence” is essentially the joining of multiple information and media streams into one seamless integrated work environment. The integration of customer data/relationship management systems with the telephone system and operator workstation is one example of “convergence” that is taking place on the desktop. It’s often believed that convergence is only for the well- established large company… but there… Read More »

Case Study of IT/Business Misalignment: Web-Branding

Many business leaders view information technology (IT) as little more than office automation: word processing, spreadsheets and presentations.  IT has changed the workspace, and business functions that once were exclusively the domains of experts in those disciplines must now include integration of the new technologies. This is an older article of mine; but the point still remains true… Read More »

“Minuting” Documents

I never cease to be amazed at how much paper is on my desk and inundating my project files despite living in this “paperless” era. Post-Its aside (which invariably disappear when you need them most) one of the key problems that many of us encounter is how to keep track of updates and other various notations on activities/events… Read More »

Delivering to the Solution vs. Delivering to the Customer

Many of us have seen it. The notorious “black box” is dropped into the rack, plugged in, powered up, and once a few pings and system or application checks are completed, the project is declared “delivered” and the team quickly disappears. Eventually, of course, something goes wrong and in many cases an already overworked support team needs to… Read More »