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Duplicate Facebook Friend Scam

Money attached to a mouse-trap with a sign saying "free money"I’m sure you’ve all heard this before – that scammers are creating duplicate FaceBook accounts/profiles as some of your friends (copying pictures and other details from the “real” accounts) and then attempting to “re-friend” you because the old account has some kind of virus/Trojan (which is a crock of excrement).

In any case – it finally happened to me.

The SIQ (scumbag in question) immediately started asking me about having won a “prize” and wondering if I got my money yet – because he saw that I was on the same prize list as him. It’s the “2013 empowerment program in conjunction with Facebook Active user Compensation bonus”.

Complete BS of course… and they want you to click on a link eventually.

In any case – I asked my friend a simple question as to where we met. He laughed it off and said it was a long time ago, and couldn’t quite remember.

SO… I gave him the year. Most of us know where we were in a given year. He didn’t.

SO… I finally relented, and told him where it was. He was my instructor at the infantry school.

He suddenly remembered.

Except I pointed out that he was air force… and not infantry… so he would never have been my instructor there.

Needless to say – take care folks. If you get a re-invite from an old friend, or have a similar dialogue about a prize from a firend-of-a-friend… you may be facing a scam.

Also – no one gives away money for free.